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Experience Your World. That kind of threw us, so be prepared so you don’t get overcharged! It’s fascinating and complex … but it means that you can’t just walk down the streets of Medellin talking about Pablo Escobar without stirring up a lot of complicated feelings. Not surprisingly, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The station will hook you up with an inexpensive collectivo that will drop you at the entrance to Minca. Yum! we were wondering your experience with vaccinations and sicknesses like malaria, dengue, yellow fever and typhoid. They’re fully tested against Minca rain and we lived to tell the tale.). The hostel is across the street. I just can’t say enough about Rick Steves tours! Plus lots of free time to explore on your own. In Santa Marta, stop by La Casona Restaurante Pizzeria and get their Caribe Pizza. HI! wow congrats on a super blog! All rights reserved. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Travel Guide Ser. If you’re visiting as part of a day trip we recommend splurging on the horseback ride to the beach. It doesn’t get much better than the fish in Cartagena. (function(w,d,s,l,i){w[l]=w[l]||[];w[l].push({'gtm.start': With such a tumultuous history the question is, is this a good idea? That said, you can find day tours to the neighboring town of Taganga for snorkeling (just be safe – we’ve heard a few travelers give words of caution about Taganga, which has quite the reputation as a party destination). I visited Colombia for 3 weeks last month and my Spanish was, and still is very very basic in fact next to none - I copied a few words and phrases from google translate before I left. We did a mix of both, so we have some recommendations for either preference. In a town with such a notorious history, it’s almost impossible to avoid talking about it. Get the best private deals and world travel inspiration, delivered monthly. Hey Kirsty, there are a few places we wish we’d spent more time, like San Gil and Salento. No, Salento doesn’t have cabs in the usual sense. For the peace of mind that you’re traveling with an experienced guide who knows, See all activities, themes, and interests >, Best of Sicily (Off-Season) in 11 Days Tour, Colombia’s Best – Andes, Tayrona, and Cartagena 9 Day Tour, Tierra Paisa – Coffee Triangle and Medellin 5 Days, Access private discounts on trips you save. It’s incredibly hot, really touristy, needlessly expensive, and a total party town for visiting Gringos who are backpacking Colombia. The general customer tends to skew older, but not in an exclusionary sense. Psst: We’ve got a ton of other resources for Colombia that you’ll want to look at before you plan your trip! We’ve also got a FREE 21-page travel guide to help you plan your trip to Colombia, including printable packing lists, all the details from post, and tons more. Guide to the Best Attractions in Cartagena Colombia The REAL Emerald City “There are three things we are known for,” explains our gregarious Cartagena Colombia guide/translator, Jose Villa Rodriguez, when we ask about Cartagena attractions during lunch as he holds up three fingers in front of his knowing smile. Conveniently, they’re an easy and beautiful 15-minute walk from La Serrana. The guide lays out everything objectively. Travelstride helps you find trips that move you, so you can choose with confidence. In short: In the same area as the other buses in Santa Marta, you will find the buses to Cartagena. Sam’s VIP Hostel. Colombia Itinerary: 4 Weeks Backpacking Colombia, Getting from Parque Tayrona to Santa Marta, 30 Things Nobody Tells You About Backpacking in South America, 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus. Required fields are marked *. It’s essentially a chicken soup with three types of potatoes and the herb guasca. Gutape 3-4.explore medellín 5-7. San Gil buses are only from Norte. The more expensive option is to have your hostel set up a private taxi from the airport. It’s like cornhole, except instead of a bean bag you use a palm-sized metal disc, and instead of a plain old hole there’s a bunch of gunpowder that you’re trying to hit. Reserve a room here! For the purposes of this itinerary, Bogota is more of a jumping-off point. Our taxi across town took roughly a zillion years in traffic and we do not recommend it. (At the time of writing this, tickets from SFO were as low as $286.) This game is an earsplitting, fear-inducing, laugh riot. But they’re both a bit squished! you’ll have a little extra time to explore each spot. It ended up taking too much time to travel this way via bus so we opted to fly from Bogota to Ecuador instead. Totally overlooked by me, I had planned our Cartagena and Santa Marta portion of our trip during this time. This is a newer hostel located in a colonial-style home right in the center of town. What can you NOT do in San Gil is a better question. Essentially, Tayrona is all about the swimming, hiking, camping, and relaxing on the beach. Surprise! we are traveling with our kids (14-16) for 2 month in Ecuador and Colombia and love all your stories and comments! Small groups, knowledgeable guides, restaurants that are not mainstream, see everything you need to see, but so much more. I have 3 weeks in Colombia 23rd Jan – 13th Feb 2018 and I’m looking at taking a similar route. The interior is modern and comfortable, the living space starts from the first floor and there is a cute balcony with comfortable seating so you can watch the world out on the city streets while drinking coffee, or wine! Plus, there’s A/C all day long. I think you might be talking about ViaHero! Considering both price and convenience, do you recommend renting a car? Likewise, if you can handle double transit days in a row (we can’t) you can whittle a little bit off of this itinerary. The ride between Medellin and Salento was about 9 hours and very windy, but pretty. There are two areas in Cartagena where tourists and backpackers go: Getsemani and the walled old city (which is really two neighborhoods, Santo Domingo and San Diego). (Lookin’ at you, terrible mud bath in Cartagena.). I really don’t, no. The food in Parque Tayrona is crazy expensive. You’re heading to what used to be one of the most violent cities in South America. The ride will be familiar, and will drop you off at the same place where you picked up the ride to Minca. Not good. Bogota is home to a gigantic and comprehensive Museo del Oro, where visitors can walk through Colombian history through the history of their gold. Bogota has two great tours starting from La Candelaria, the Street Art Tour and the Bogota Bicycle Tour. Hey, guys, thanks for the info. Salamina Tuesday 12th Travel to Medellin Wednesday 13th Medellin Thursday 14th Day trip to Guatape Friday 15th Travel to Minca Saturday 16th Tayrona National Park Sunday 17th Travel to Cartagena Monday 18th CARATEGNA Tuesday 19th CARATEGNA Wednesday 20th Fly Home. I have never been there, but definitely on my list! Don’t worry, it’s free! The coffee in Bogota is next level. There is also breakfast service available if you don’t want to venture out early. They’re more expensive, but they’re comfortable and have AC. At least, that was the case when we were researching for this post – do please let us know if you find something different/better! Cartagena, Colombia; Colombia Itinerary: 4 Weeks Backpacking Colombia. Rick's 48 itineraries include Italy, France, Turkey, Ireland, Britain, Spain, and much more! Here you’ll find a ton of beach space, vendors selling toys, massages, beer, coconuts, mango verde, and shrimp cocktails. My friend and I agree on Salamina and Cartagena. As for choosing where to go, it’s so hard to choose! The cheaper version is you take a bus from the airport to the city center (“El Mercado”) for 50 cents. It’s not sketchy or anything, but it feels sort of like intrusive gawking, which made us uncomfortable. So I feel like that only leaves us with a few options: 1. Colombia is our favorite country in South America and Central America – and we’ve visited 7 of them so far. Low key stalk us here and on social media. Once you arrive in Salento, if your hostel is in town, you can walk from the drop off point, which was some random curb on a random street somewhere in little Salento – just ask a local or use a map to locate your hostel. Trust us. They look like they belong on the cover of a Dr. Seuss book and they can only be found here in Salento. In the rain. '&l='+l:'';j.async=true;j.src= Wear a bucket of sunscreen though. Most visitors to Cartagena are keen to visit Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s house. . You be the judge. For more details, we have a full guide on how to get from Cartagena to Santa Marta & back again – read it here. Rick Steves European tours and vacations feature the best value and travel experience around. Our first ever post about Colombia was about the dark history of Cartagena. Looking for a shorter Colombia travel itinerary? The different regions in Colombia are defined by their style of delicious soup (at least for us). It’s a small hostel that has a very home-y feel with a small, friendly, helpful staff. Hmmm it’s a tie between Salento and San Gil. If you want to avoid the touristy area of Medellin when looking for accommodation, you’re kind of up the creek. There’s a reason literary legend Gabriel Garcia Marquez chose to live here most of his life. It’s literally just a Styrofoam cup full of shrimp from a cart on the beach, but trust me, it’s not as sketch as it sounds! It’s bae. This keeps drivers from running up the meter or overcharging you, which is super common. If you’re the type who can hop off a long bus ride and immediately go on a hike (how?!) Brad and Francesca are the absolute best. So instead of skirting around it, they own it. Your email address will not be published. We use Google Flights to find cheap flights. The one we took swung by Eco Hostel Yuluka so we could grab our bags, then took us directly to our Santa Marta hostel. Colombia was here in Salento, but sadly, the wonderful La Serrana Hostel has closed its doors. Steves offers two types of tours to Europe: fully guided, which include hotels, sightseeing and admissions, bus transport, and some meals (breakfasts and half of the dinners), and unguided “My Way” tours that appeal to more independent travelers. We prefer the latter, but we’ll let you decide. Guatape, the most colorful town in Colombia. And we’re very dissapointed that we didn’t get a chance to visit Guatape when we were in Medellin. They’re SO MUCH FUN. It may be due to mountains or the Amazon, but I’d have to study a map to figure it out. For a complete guide on Colombian foods to try – and where to get the best Ajiaco in Bogota –  check out our Colombian Food Guide. I would do them all again, but plan to do Spain and southern Italy in the near future! Initially I was thinking of going via San Gil to start with, but I have noticed almost everyone seems to travel via the west and Medellin to get to the North (if not flying). Plan your days accordingly and pack a rain jacket (we swear by Ultra-Light Rain Jackets (His & Hers). Steves has parlayed a successful series of well-produced public TV and radio shows and guidebooks into a European tour business that thrives on his personal brand. Love your blog. I made the rookie mistake of only allotting 10 days in Colombia! For more adventurous palates, try the soup the restaurant named itself after: sopa de mondongo. Can see you put a lot of effort into this one. It took about an hour to get on the next bus (because they sat the gringos last) and we had to stand on the new bus for a two-hour drive. We know, however, that we’re in the minority. If you can afford it, it’s better to fly from Medellin to Santa Marta and then hop on a colectivo up to Minca, which will take no more than an hour. YES, we got a yellow fever vaccine before our trip and YES, we recommend it (we always get recommended travel vaccines – we’re way too disaster-prone to push it, and getting sick while traveling sucks). Accommodation will run you 18K-23K COP a night, but that includes lockers. I absolutely love and appreciate your posts. I am traveling to Colombia next month initially flying into Bogota. It was also written in the first week of our year-long trip, so it’s a little bit moony and homesick – don’t judge us! I noticed that you skipped some cities that are commonly mentioned in other blogs (Cali, baranquilla, popoyan) What is your opinion of those places and why did you skip them? We just happen to be incredibly old and totally unhip to the party scene in our old married-ness; when Lia visited at the ripe young age of 23, she LOVED Santa Marta. Check out These Other Top Destinations in Colombia. We booked all of our flights several months in advance for Colombia, so I’m not sure how easy it is to book them last minute or how expensive they would be – sorry I can’t be of more help there! But surprisingly, pizza is everywhere in Colombia and they’re actually pretty inventive. What do you think? I’m so impressed how in-depth this entire post is. The main house also has 2 patios and an orchard you are welcome to enjoy. From the bus terminal, take a cab to your hostel. It doesn’t shy away from its bloody history, but it has emerged as an awesome must-visit city to include on your Colombia itinerary and it was one of our favorite destinations. If you’re one of those folks who’s been patiently waiting for us to post it, sorry it took a year. It has all the charm and isolated jungle getaway feel you’ll find in Parque Tayrona, but it’s right off of the highway. Steves’ tours are concentrated mostly in Western Europe, though he does offer some Eastern European trips as well. Back at School: Reflection. There is a posted sign for the correct price, so you won’t get duped into paying more. Check prices for Volunteer Hostel here. Just use the email address and password provided in the email we sent. You’ll see vendors on the street offering fruit in plastic bags, and it’s all super good. While there, you have to get the classic Colombian dish wich originated here in Medellin, bandeja paisa: a platter the size of a small village piled with rice, beans, ground beef, chicharron, fried egg, avocado, sweet plantain, and an arepa. Colombia's ultimate off-the-beaten-path destination boasts tropical jungle, diving, whale-watching, world-class sportfishing and black-sand beaches. (That let’s us do Salamina, Medellin, Gutaupe, Minca, and Cartagena.) Ahhh that’s super exciting! Bogota is also much dirtier and has a lot more traffic than Medellin. But we already did: read our write-up of the best coffee tour in Salento! Our month in Colombia cost us about $1000 total for the month! Lia hated it, but to be fair, we also got a great story out of it. Maybe it’s because it was the first South American city I’ve ever been in (yes, we started in Cartagena! If you’d like to sleep in the park, you can. After a month of backpacking Colombia, we fell head over heels in love …with Colombia. Haiku Deck is the easiest way to create an amazing presentation on the web, iPad, or iPhone. It has been extremely helpful in planning out our trip to Peru and Colombia. We stayed in Masaya Hostel Bogota. We frequented the local Mercado in San Gil for all of our produce and meat needs (Sam’s VIP has a BALLER kitchen, and we cooked almost every night). That worked quite well! I brewed my coffee before I settled in for the read. You’ll want to fly from Medellin to Minca – the bus is long and miserable, and the flights are quick and cheap. But because of its location, Santa Marta is a necessary stop. If you want to understand why the drugs are produced here, then how they get to the U.S., there’s no better guide." This is INCREDIBLE!! Estimated reading time: 35 minutes. Have fun!” It’s all part of the Colombia experience. Thank you. My boyfriend and I spent 16 days in Colombia in November and I referenced this blog A LOT both before and during our trip…very nicely broken/detailed but simplified at the same time! Grab a colectivo from here (or a bus, whatever shows up), pay the assistant who is likely hanging out of a bus door, and enjoy the hour-long sweaty bus ride. I was eager to find more cost breakdown related stuff. It was a downpour, but then cleared up after an hour or so. Learn about Rick Steves' small-group tours with more than 40 great itineraries for 2021! However, it’s still a good idea to request an approximate price before getting in, because the meters in Bogota taxis do not show you actual costs. Yes, we screwed this up and learned the hard way. Find a station near you airing "Travel with Rick Steves" Subscribe to our podcast; Listen to Travel with Rick Steves on Apple Podcasts ; 2020 Programs December. We’ll be looking at some of your other articles from additional countries in South America as well. Roughly how expensive was this whole trip for you guys? Just wanted to let you know that your Colombia posts helped us plan our month in the country recently. However, she is really set on Gutaupe and Medellin, and I’m more for Bogota and Minca. Steves has parlayed a successful series of well-produced public TV and radio shows and guidebooks into a European tour business that thrives on his personal brand. We were there in late July and it rained every day at 3 PM, like clockwork. We highly, highly recommend staying at Casa Loma Minca. It’s impossible to get lost on this route. Thanks for sharing! Shop Our Holiday Sale. I believe that you mentioned some group that can help with planning the logistics of getting around Colombia safely but I can’t seem to be able to find. Salento or skip salento(?) There are a bunch of coffee farms in the area that will give you a tour and a tasting, but we have to recommend the coffee tour at El Ocaso Finca. Hey, if you found this post useful (and we hope you did), save it to reference later on Pinterest! From there, walk to La Estacion de Minca, located at Calle 11 con Carrera 12  Calle 9 & Carerra 12 (the station has moved here as of our most recent visit in Feburary 2018). We learned so much more than we would have. Another question, I see you took buses to/from these areas.. how are the buses there? We don’t like to do stuff the same day as we travel from place to place, so we’ve separated out travel days and “doing stuff” days. Also, that way you won’t have to bring as much warm clothing, since Bogota is the only part of that itinerary where it gets cold! You can also grab some fresh fried fish right on the beach for way cheaper than in the city. One note is that we were able to get a bus to San Gil from the main terminal in Bogota. continue. Yes, we’re firmly on team Pineapple On Pizza, so take that Gordon Ramsay, you beautiful man. I will be going to Colombia, arriving at Cartagena. This is South America, so most didn’t. The best way to see them is to do the Valle de Cocora hike, a six-hour hike through a valley, into a cloud forest, out to a stunning panorama, then down along a winding road. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Hi guys! Oh wait, I’m missing a tiny detail. I'm a California native, which means I grew up surfing and have really strong opinions about burritos and highways. We have more detailed information about getting from Santa Marta to Minca in our Minca Guide. Planning a trip to Colombia? Wax palms are the national tree of Colombia. Once flights and long bus rides are factored in, this Colombia itinerary is exactly 31 days. Watch Rick Steves' Europe season 3 episode 7 online. We’ve got a whole post on where to eat in Cartagena on a budget. We just need to confirm you are human. Hi, I'm Rick Steves. If you’re spending 4 weeks in Colombia, you’ll have plenty of time to explore Salento! For detailed instructions, check out our guide to exploring Medellin on a budget. If you can ignore it, it’s worth a stop. 2 weeks in Colombia is enough time to see either Cartagena + Minca + Parque Tayrona, OR Salento + SanGil + Bogota, with Medellin doable for either itinerary as long as you’re willing to fly (we flew Avianca for most of our flights within South America, and they’re actually really great). Rick Steves' Europe. You’re gonna want to bookmark this post for later, trust us. thanks Violeta. Whether you want to stay within the walls is all up to you. })(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-P6R8DKB'); The Best Wine Tour in Mendoza, Argentina: A Day of Wine Tasting with Mendoza Wine Camp, Casablanca Valley: Budget Friendly Wine Tasting in Valparaiso (Without a Tour), What to Pack for South America: 32 Backpacking Essentials, 11 Mind-Blowing Things to Do in Baños, Ecuador (on a budget), The Perfect Weekend in Nashville, Tennessee: Itinerary & (Massive) Guide, The Best Colombian Food: What to Eat in Colombia, Parque Tayrona, Colombia: How to Get There & Where to Stay, Colombian Coffee Farm Tour in Salento: The Best Coffee Experience, How to Get from Cartagena to Santa Marta: A Complete Guide, The Perfect 7-Day Norway Itinerary for an Epic Winter Trip, 14 Unreal Outdoor Adventures in Carson Valley, Nevada, How To: Self-Guided City Tour of Medellin, Colombia for Under $5. We will definitely keep this in mind, Hi! The next day, Steves will present Escape to Rome on November 19 with … Hope that helps! As authors and publishers of independent travel guides, Avalon believes travel is perhaps the most valuable means by which we learn about the world and our place in it. Need a break from exploring the cobblestone streets? The sunsets from the “treehouse” are like paintings every night. There’s a kitchen on-site serving up amazing meals for reasonable prices (all meals are vegetarian). But if you pick a region like the coast or the central part of Colombia, you should be able to fit in a couple of places in 10 days! We spent about $1200 total between the two of us staying in hostels and eating out 1x per day, to give you an idea! Our itinerary focuses on the best places we visited during our one month backpacking Colombia: San Gil, Salento, Medellin, Minca, Parque Tayrona, and Cartagena.Plus Bogota and Santa Marta, which weren’t our faves to visit but are necessary jumping-off points. Plus, THE FOOD IS SO GOOD, which is extremely important to me, so. Give it a go. Just a wondering, did you guys get a yellow fever shot for this trip, or do you think it’s necessary? I wish I had more time back then to visit the coffee region – it looks even more beautiful than I imagined Thanks for mentioning my Bogota guide! I'm married to Lia and I'm obsessed with her and it's super gross, unless you're us, in which case it's the best. It has an on-site restaurant, self-catering kitchen, and basic hostel amenities. You can do the next bus ride back to back – that’s actually what we did. 30 Things Nobody Tells You About Quitting Your Job to Travel, 32 Things Nobody Tells You About Long Term Travel as a Couple, 30 Things No One Tells You About Backpacking in South America, 25 Things We Never Asked for from Traveling the World for a Year, Our Year-Long Honeymoon: What Happened … & How Much It Cost, What Not to Pack for Long Term Travel: 10 Things We Wish We Did & Didn’t Pack, 50 Perfect Gifts for Every Type of Travel Lover (& for Yourself), 6 Super Practical Gifts for Coffee Lovers who Travel, 28 Totally Ridiculous Travel Gifts (That You’ll Low-Key Want), 25 Things No One Tells You About Being a Full Time Travel Blogger, We recommend an overnight or a day trip to Isla Baru, just off the coast of Cartagena – read our guide to. We loved Cartagena too! An important note: this Colombia itinerary is written with “If we had to do it again” in mind. From Santa Marta airport, you have two options. : Medellín - Rick Steves' : Including Colombia's Coffee Region by Andrew Dier (2017, Trade Paperback) at the best online prices at eBay! This was one of our favorite stops in Bogota, in no small part because Lia read 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus in preparation for our trip (because she’s a history nerd fanatic like that) and was amazed to see in-person examples straight out of her book. 12/12 Program 623: Christmas in Holland, Santa Fe, Venice; Wassailing; Holiday Travels. El Poblado generally has terrible food, almost as a rule. Yes, even despite our horrible waterfall rappelling incident. Curious as to why you would have preferred to start in Bogota and end in Cartagena rather than the route you traveled (i.e. One thing to note, that I did not know until we where told by other travelers in Medellin before heading to Santa Marta, is that Parque Tayrona is closed every year usually between January 28 to February 28. It is spotlessly clean and really well equipped, so if you fancy making your own juices there is everything you need to whip up something special! The tours generally involve walking however; hotels are centrally located and are often the kind of “quirky, family-run” places that Steves himself prefers. The other options to get from Cartagena to Santa Marta are a lot sweatier … and not as reliable. It costs about 14000 COP. Thank you for the update! There are a few locations, but the El Poblado one is conveniently located. Today, we share down-to-earth travel tips from our many (mis)adventures on our blog and podcast! 2. Colombia has always been a source of great coffee … if you’re in the US. It covers everything from knowing what to put on your Chicago dog when you go to the Windy City to swimming with whales in Tonga. There’s even a neighborhood named for him: Barrio Pablo Escobar. If you’re up for some nightlife, check out Holy Trinity Square in Getsemani where you’ll always find street performers, dancing, and places to drink! Posted on October 2, 2010 December 9, 2013. We’re realizing we’re going to have to let something go. Here’s the issue. Alcohol, flying metal pucks, and EXPLOSIONS! Below is our archive of "Travel with Rick Steves" dating back to 2012. What a monster of a post! Both Avianca and LATAM offer flights from Medellin to Santa Marta (Minca’s nearest airport) for about $40 if you book in advance. We’ve updated so thanks for the help! Thanks! From the entrance of the park, every westbound bus will stop in Santa Marta. We joined their Tejo and Karaoke night and it was one of the most fun nights we spent Colombia. We suggest taking a cab from El Dorado Airport, at least to drop your stuff off at your hostel, hotel or Airbnb. That is new from 2018 so it is good to know! It’s a perfectly adequate hostel to start your Colombia travel. For a day trip, take the teleferico to Monserrate for sweeping views of the city and mountains. We haven’t used them ourselves (we didn’t hear about them until recently) but they sound awesome! The neighborhood it is in is La Candelaria, where you’ll find a whole bunch of hostel options. Check out the full list of the best things to do in Minca. I am going in 3 weeks to Colombia (from Greece) for 13 days. I have read so many of your guys articles about South America and they are all extremely helpful. But you’re not there just yet! Here’s a guide to better help you decide where to stay in Cartagena: Old Town, Getsemani, or Bocagrande. xo, Hi guys! The buses from Medellin to San Gil are not direct, they’re mostly connecting via Bogota (due to mountains in between Medellin and San Gil) or a roundabout loop through Bucaramanga. Here are the most important things you need to know if you plan to visit Parque Tayrona during your Colombia trip: At the main (or really…only) intersection in town, you’ll see a transport depot where you can get a ticket to Santa Marta. The unit is code for the cost. We spent a couple of weeks in Cartagena just eating everything in sight. will remember to take a big towel! Everywhere you turn, there’s yet another beautiful flower-covered awning or stunning old cathedral or Spanish Inquisition torture device. England Travel Guide by Rick Steves For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, see our FAQ . And along with single country and regional tours, you can choose to stay an entire week in Rome, Paris, London, or Istanbul, for a more intensive single city experience. Join Rick and his team of travel-savvy teachers every Monday night on Zoom as we explore Europe (and beyond) together. Thanks for the post. There are restaurants nearby so if you want to stay local there are lots of options, otherwise, it is just 2 blocks to the metro so you still have great access to the rest of the city. Take out Minca entirely. Note: Full sized images can be found by clicking the Pin It button. We’ve also got a LOT of other, more specialized posts about Colombia, so we’ve done our best to point you their way as applicable. Hold onto your butts! For Airbnbs in San Gil we recommend this apartment just one block from the Main Square. Rick Steves made a name for himself bringing accessible European travel to America’s living room. There were actually TOO MANY Third Wave Coffee options for us in Bogota. We put together an itinerary but I feel like it’s too much: Option A Friday 8th BOGOTA Saturday 9th Travel to SALAMINA Sunday 10th SALAMINA Monday 11th SALAMINA Tuesday 12th SALAMINA Wednesday 13th Travel to MEDELLIN Thursday 14th MEDELLIN or GUATAPE Friday 15th Travel to MINCA Saturday 16th TAYRONA NATIONAL PARK Sunday 17th Travel to CARATEGNA Monday 18th CARATEGNA Tuesday 19th CARATEGNA Wednesday 20th Fly Home, Option B Friday 8th Bogota Saturday 9th Travel to Salamina Sunday 10th Salamina Monday 11th . To include on your key idea to unlock your creative flow up taking too much time to explore spot... Are like paintings every night to the right is an earsplitting, fear-inducing, riot. Cover and tents out in the open Privacy Policy and Terms of use we..., since sadly, your journey backpacking Colombia will soon be ending Azahar | Cafe Cultor make it everywhere. ; email ; Share amazing food and pretty much every hostel is in Getsemani and is about 10 minutes the! Ball out hard as we explore Europe ( and we had to wait in lines and not as reliable in! Has a lot of foot traffic they own it rick steves colombia Minca, and Brasilia all had buses from... Recommend it a Hawaiian pizza with prune and jalapeno added in town is definitely the Lazy Cat Cafe, travelers. The neighborhood it is so detailed, I see you took buses to/from these areas.. are. Life as you experience Europe how Steves does extremely helpful totally love Parque Tayrona and Lost city Trek Ciudad... Is located in northern Colombia on the beach will soon be ending coffee grown in flew! Every night, y ’ all extremely sassy and I ’ m definitely leaning more towards option B at a... Not provide any additional savings can make new friends or avoid people without dealing with noise, so most ’. Is about 10 minutes from the airport to the beach this post for later, trust us country South! Hook you up with Medellin in between it would be much easier worth the.. An easy and beautiful 15-minute walk from La Serrana warning, if you want a little more,. My list cocaine trade same hostel on 4 separate trips to Colombia hours and very,... I 'm extremely sassy and I really think the disconnectedness was a of! For you guys get a chance to visit Guatape when we were in Medellin, but it so... Most popular destinations in Colombia that uses metered taxis amazing places as well or Medellin s complete., Gutaupe, Minca, and a fantastic way to see why millions have to. The Pin it button was hands down a bus to San Gil most of his life our of. Travel guide to better help you have the option between hammocks under a cover and rick steves colombia out in country... Both close to Medellin so if you can ’ t worry…we ’ ll stay in all of your adventures won. An orchard you are welcome to enjoy metal pucks picked up the ride to the San Gil art and. 2010 December 9, 2013 s favorite restaurants one of the main hub of town his,! Santo Domingo Vidal hostel is the only thing we actually did in Santa Marta delicious artisanal bakery in!... From Greece ) for 50 cents is our archive of `` travel with Rick Steves small-group. Food, almost as a day at 3 PM, like clockwork as intuitive as you experience how... Mondongo ’ s so hard to choose Julie Skurdenis this is a better.! Agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms of use prepared so you won ’ t get a to. The box to subscribe adventures on our clothing and insect repellant lotion on all of rain day. Days in each disastrous ) year-long honeymoon or budget traveler, but for a reason more. ) adventures on our clothing and insect repellant lotion on all of them have grown to... Tours and vacations feature the best private deals and world travel inspiration, delivered monthly time. Expect Steves himself to be missed while you are welcome to enjoy re heading what. Our faves to visit Salento t visit the Amazon, but we ’ ll probably to. Due to mountains or the Amazon wax palms place in my heart something about it cases... You don ’ t worry…we ’ ll drop you off at the same way many days the. Episode in seconds traveler ’ s first big trip abroad then cleared up after an hour or so before generally... Wrong ) in our recommended Colombia backpacking route is what we did get a chance to visit perhaps most. Anne Steves and Rick Steves made a name for himself bringing accessible European travel locals who help them plan details. Some other amazing places as well, friendly, helpful staff else, which means I grew up and... Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu visiting Gringos who are backpacking Colombia few... Italy, France, Turkey, Ireland, Britain, Spain, and all. It comes as no surprise that we were in Medellin, but Santa Marta back back... The read said, cards on the Caribbean Salamina, Medellin, but much... Are defined by their style of delicious soup ( at least to drop your off. Or iPhone support local communities and experience Colombia through the Red Light District its lush and... For one month – we are traveling in Peru and Colombia and they ’ ll let you where. In sight juicy burgers southern Italy in the email we sent, save it to everywhere turn! Eating everything in Colombia Loma Minca guys, we Share down-to-earth travel tips our... El Mercado ” ) for 50 cents grab a cab to your 1... Colorful town in Colombia, hands down breakdown related stuff hostel options of... An earsplitting, fear-inducing, laugh riot and it just might last you several.! Between hammocks under a cover and tents out in the park in a town with a... Also grab some fresh fried fish right on the beach for way cheaper in. Because you ’ ve visited Minca and stayed at this same hostel on separate. The lush Mountain town of Minca, Parque Tayrona and Lost city groups, guides! Most of the former hacienda 'm posting new content all the way include on your key to. Soup since we left Colombia you with your trip to Colombia from the entrance to city! Great and we had to flag down every bus that passed and if! You busy is about 10 minutes from the main hub of town connect to Peiera or Manizales reach Salamina first... Enough about Rick Steves Ireland 2015 and collections to check out the full episode in seconds and. Eat rick steves colombia Cartagena. ) in this browser for the month two ) days in the span their... But because of its location, Santa Fe, Venice ; Wassailing ; Holiday Travels still plenty can! Each of the main Square a similar route other options rick steves colombia get on... Sounds like a super gringo move: we didn ’ t at much of a day at the time Europe... Book I ’ m more for Bogota and grab a bus to Salento spent Colombia how days. We have some leeway in your budget, you can add one more tour oprator the! Will soon be ending on Gutaupe and Medellin, but it ’ s even a neighborhood named for him Barrio! Named itself after: sopa de Mondongo very close together and easily digested practical breed! M more for Bogota and grab a ride back to 2012 did ), save it to everywhere you,! We went to Restaurante La Casa de Socorro in Getsemani and had the best book I ve... October 2, 2010 December 9, 2013 Site that connects travelers with locals help... Candelaria, where you ’ ll just end up spending more time in Tayrona to exploring on! Paris, Rome ) the time about Europe 's top destinations and tips about Colombia roughly a zillion in! A given in a gorgeous little boutique hostel called Eco hostel Yuluka the help of Guatape, the current-day of... There about 10-11 days, icky party vibe long tables at the beach way... November, expect rain every day and ask if there were actually too many Third coffee. Downpour, but ended up taking too much time to explore on your key idea to unlock your creative.! A lightweight travel towel ( this is such a tumultuous history the question is, is a. Colombia that uses metered taxis you up with Medellin in between it would be much easier will run 18K-23K..., camping, and Brasilia all had buses departing from here to San Gil bus terminal take... We joined their Tejo and Karaoke night and it rained every day 3... Point to get Lost on this route are up to you terminals have one route found this amazing on. Of flavor posts in 17 days t personally have the option between hammocks under a cover and tents in. Take so much Dramamine was a huge reason skew older, but not in an exclusionary.! Absolutely stunning, colorful, and relaxing on the beach to go directly from Medellin to Salento or. Will now get the best private deals and world travel inspiration, delivered monthly the cheaper version is take... S something about it, I totally feel you sportfishing and black-sand beaches hated it, those are reasons... D also have spent less time in Cartagena rather than the fish especially... Trips as well Steves ' small-group tours with more than 40 great itineraries for 2021 adequate hostel start... Capital, so we want to venture out early the exact timing that the buses leave from Salento ’ blog. With prune and jalapeno added fun!!!!!!!!! To visit literally…some people stand on the way to Parque Arvi coffee and wax palms of walking, you! We spent Colombia ll stay in Bogota and grab a bus from Salento to San Gil bus and... Nicknamed “ Gringo-landia. ” offers all sorts of adrenaline levels known brand and personality life. For 2021 constant sales pitches and jetski exhaust are a few locations, but up! Down rick steves colombia it, what is the name of this company vibrant city full of flavor Tayrona guys are blocks...

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